SIN LING: sMES(Smart Manufacturing Execution System) implement in 2023

The Smart Manufacturing Execution System (sMES) can seamlessly integrate with the current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to build a smart factory that meets the demands of the present and future times. This integration results in an efficient, lean, and visualized manufacturing site. With integrated on-site management, production efficiency can be improved.

Improve on-demand production management capabilities for cost saving and increase efficiency

The sMES enables on-demand production management capabilities that save costs and increase efficiency. It can trace activities from warehousing to labor dispatching, labor reporting, exit, and equipment status. It meets the major needs of product management, quality control, equipment integration and management, problem traceability analysis, and real-time data collection on the production site. This system helps leaders make more accurate decisions and respond to changing markets rapidly, decreasing risks and saving operating costs.

Achievement on process automation and operation automation

Achievements in process automation and operation automation can be made through the integration of a standard service interface through KMI equipment. This integration enables the fulfillment of process and operation automation, meets human-machine-material data collection policy, and obtains machine information in real-time. Integration with sMES basic modules and optional modules allows for real-time production progress and status control. The upgrade from manual to semi-automatic production modes shortens the product cycle, decreases the number of products in progress, and shortens filing time.

Benefits of sMES implement

Implementing sMES provides flexible integration and expansion, fulfills the visualization of the manufacturing site, and reduces labor costs. Eventually, the number of labors can be reduced by 27%, with production time sped up. Product delivery becomes stable, with production costs reduced by 20% and better product production output rate and quality stability. Customer satisfaction can be increased by 10%. The production site becomes transparent, and the efficiency of responding to sudden production problems is increased by 20%. Brings benefits to SIN LING.


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